About MACScupture

In a space down on Knoxville Street, in the city of San Diego, every Morning….regardless of the day
or the weather, dreams start to come true.

Beautiful, affordable, colorful, spiritual, unusual, and even exotic items are conceived made, packagedand sent off to various corners of our country to please and delight appreciative customers.

A charming Spanish man with dancing eyes and impossible dreams conducts the movement of this
company like some artists might lead a symphony orchestra.

The company is called MAC sculpture and the product line consists of candles, urns, figurines, clocks,lighting, wall decor……with designs taking one form elegant to eros.

This is an energy, not just a company, which is why it is on the cusp of being very successful. Heart and hands go into each product. The music and singing throughout the day (that is heard in the warehouse and office) impacts positively what would normally just be another day in business?

See it for yourself in the merchandise…the sensitivity of the “Hands Up” the sweetness of “Pine
Angels” stocking holders, the beauty of “Enterpe” or the stark masculinity of “Juventus”. Each item is thought through, with a direct idea as to the market it wishes to address. Additionally MAC Sculpture is available for specialized and personalized product development for a most reasonable fee.

MAC Sculpture can be reviewed in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and High Point. It would not be time wasted…rather-time invested in the event where minds in product innovation get inspired. But come prepared to resist the charming Spanish man with the dancing eyes and impossible dreams. If not prepared; you may just want to take him home in addition to the product. Que lastima!

Las Vegas

MAC Sculpture
World Market Center #B0160
Las Vegas, NV 89106
Phone: 619-276-8100
Fax:     619-276-8101

Los Angeles

Dillon Wells
1933 S. Broadway Street
Suite # 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: 213-748-2495

Fax:     213-748-7387

The Livingstone Group
284 World Trade Center
Suite # 284
Dallas, TX 75342
Phone: 214-761-5422
Fax:      214-761-5424


MAC Sculpture
240 Peachtree St.,
Suite (B1) 12-B3
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 619-276-8100
Fax: 619-276-8101